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Olive Oil White Negroni

One of the most trending cocktails in recent years is the Negroni. In essence, this is a bitter-sweet, booze-only combo of equal parts Gin, Red Vermouth & Campari. It is considered to be one of the most ordered classic cocktails in bars and restaurants worldwide.

The white version of the classic Negroni calls for a white vermouth to replace the red, and a less 'colorful' bitter ingredient instead of the classic Campari. It can be replaced with other types of bitter-sweet liqueurs, such as the French gentian based, Suze, or the Bitter Bianco liqueur by Luxardo. The temperature determines if the drink will be more on the bitter or sweet side. As the liqueur or the cocktail gets warmer, the sweeter it'll end up being.

For our version of the White Negroni, we use our house-made Olive Oil washed gin. The flavors from the infusion are incorporated into the drink, adding another layer and distinctive aroma to the cocktail. The drink is served over our carved ice 'Fiver', in order to keep it cold and balanced for longer.

Cocktail Recipe

Olive-Oil White Negroni

30ml (1oz) Olive Oil Gin*

30ml (1oz) Vergano Bianco Vermouth

30ml (1oz) Suze

Combine ingredients in a mixing glass, add high-quality ice cubes and stir for 30 seconds. strain the liquid into a frosted lowball glass with a big ice 'Fiver'.

Garnish with an orange peel.

Olive-Oil Gin


200ml Dry London Gin of choice (we use Bombay Sapphire)

50g High-Quality Olive Oil (we use the Arbequina variety by m.achiya)

Combine ingredients in a jar and let sit overnight. If possible, cook sous-vide at 52 degrees celsius for 2 hours, while shaking the jar every half. Once infused, place the jar in the freezer until the oil has frozen completely solid. Strain the liquid gently using a coffee filter to avoid the oily content inside your cocktail.

Our Olive Oil Gin using this recipe is also being sold on our online & physical store.

Pro Tips:

- Use the remaining olive oil for cooking. It will get some of the gin flavors as well.

- Place the jar in the freezer upside down, to make the straining easier.

- Try this Gin in other cocktails, or even just to make a very interesting G&T.


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