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Chef Restaurant
Tel Aviv


The first project we were privileged to take part in was establishing the bar in the renovated “Toto” restaurant. A project of building a menu concept always begins with a conversation about the space's essence, the people's identity, and the coordination of expectations. “Toto” restaurant requested us to build a menu that utilises quality produce, conveys cleanliness, and features clear and mature cocktails that accompany a meal in the most flattering way.

The menu is inspired by seasonal and fresh ingredients. In order to produce an elegant result with a distinct direction, we chose a style that would compliment the dishes that the cocktails will be served alongside and highlight their components rather than using dominant flavours such as smoky, spicy, or bitter. The cocktails are straightforward and are served in a minimalistic manner. The textures are clean and smooth, and the flavours are complex and round. The cocktail continues to develop from sip to sip as it dilutes.

6 Cocktails

Feb 28, 2022

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