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Progressive Cocktail Playground


Fine-tuned and tailor-made

Liquidium is a cocktail laboratory specializing in cocktail creation, consultation, education and events. We produce shelf-stable liquid compounds utilizing our professional high-tech cocktail laboratory, various techniques, formulae, and of course, our team.

Combining our connections, influence and intention,

we strive to revolutionize our industry.


Concept Development

When approaching a new project, it is crucial for us to draw inspiration from the atmosphere, produce and idiology unique to the restaurant we are customizing it for. After the creation stage is finalized, a shared process of tasting sessions and fine-tuning begins until we reach the most balanced and precise menu.​

Custom Bar Design

For a bar to work successfully, one of the essential vital aspects is creating an ideal working environment to perform in. One unique service at Liquidium is custom-made 3D printings that transform the bar into an organized and esthetic surface.


An Ongoing Service 

After developing cocktail menus for our clients, we continually produce and supply the prepared cocktail ingredients. Our customers place cocktail orders according to the number of units they need to meet the volume of consumption in each of their restaurants.

Quality Monitoring, Consultation & Guidance

Unlike the classic “cocktail menu building” process we are all familiar with, the story does not end after the new menu is launched - it just begins. At Liquidium, we provide continuous consultation and guidance to our client's staff to guarantee the maximum quality of the product we offer and to ensure that it is fulfilling its potential in sales. 

Providing them with a comprehensive understanding of service, technique, and cocktail sales, as well as instructing them on how to “read” each guest and suggest the most appropriate cocktail for each individual.

The Venue


Tel Aviv and its surroundings are a global high-tech hub. Liquidium will be entering this realm of food-tech. We have received the green light for a manufacturing license from the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Our professional knowledge and technical expertise, paired with our outstanding and cutting-edge facility, enable our clients to find everything they need under one roof.

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